Why Is Alligator Alley Closed Today

Why Is Alligator Alley Closed TodayFortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to make the process easi. There are two ways to cross the bottom of the Florida peninsula — the fast four-lane Alligator Alley (I-75), or the more scenic two-lane Tamiami Trail (U. So you must be extra vigilant at night!. 1 views, 0 likes, 0 loves, 0 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Alligator Alley Apartments: Happy Fourth of July! All CMC properties are closed today in observance of the holiday and will. Early Morning Smoke, Fog Plaguing Alligator Alley Drivers. The alligator's is broader and shaped like a U, whereas the crocodile’s is longer and narrower and more V-shaped. Alligator Alley is a popular way to get to Miami Beach for tourists, spring breakers, and even locals. A live presentation will take place daily hosted by experience alligator handlers and wildlife experts who will both entertain and educate guests of the history and behavior patterns of the Florida Gator. On average it takes 5 minutes to complete this trail. CBS4 has learned a man and woman. The Tamiami Trail Reservation area, located 40 miles west of Miami, is the site of most Tribal operations, and the center of the Miccosukee Indian population. It is recommended to contact them directly to inquire about the reason for the call and to ensure that any medical or billing issues. Florida wildfires: Brush fire along I. Our exclusive multiplayer games are easy …. Alligator Alley expected to be open part of today. The teeth of both animals are very similar, but the alligator’s fourth tooth on each side of its lower jaw is clearly visible when its mouth is closed, whereas the same tooth on a crocodile remains hidden. The Alligator Alley rest area at Mile Marker 34 in Broward County will soon feature a new observation tower, boardwalks, walkways, wetland . Alligator Alley starts at the western end in Naples, located on the Gulf of Mexico coast, and ends at the eastern end in Weston, on …. BY: TRAFFIC CENTER | BocaNewsNow. Avoid placing them under the bright, direct sun to get the attractive colors Alligator Alley Coleus can give you. FHP says Southbound I-75 was closed at mile marker 37 in Broward County. South Florida’s oldest alligator farm, the Everglades Alligator Farm, is located near the entrance of Everglades National Park and contains more than 2,000 alligators. The American alligator is a rare success story of an endangered animal not only saved from extinction but now thriving. The governor announced the toll suspension during a press conference at the State Emergency Operations Center on Monday. The highway is shut down from MM23 in Broward County to MM101 near Naples because of heavy fog and smoke. Other toll suspensions could come depending on the. The entire length of Alligator Alley, which runs along the shore of Lake Hancock, is now open. 30-Mile Stretch Of Alligator Alley May Be Closed Sunday The Florida Highway Patrol may close down a 30-mile stretch of Alligator Alley due to heavy smoke. We, my Wife, daughter, grandbabies, and I all got to hold a baby alligator and a large snake! We saw the staff feeding them. 29 until noon Drivers headed east on Alligator Alley this morning should expect a detour at State Road 29, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Gator Patch Half Pallet (12 pails) $1,115. They play a great mix of classic bluegrass, contemporary bluegrass hits and gripping originals. Both the alligator’s lungs and heart are adapted to long periods. Alligator Alley Loop: 621 Reviews, Map. A person in South Carolina was killed after being dragged into a retention pond by an alligator near Myrtle Beach on Friday, authorities said. 💌 🚨 Alligator Alley is open every day except Wednesday from 10:00 a. A Small Bite of Everglades Alligator Farm. This massive water sanctuary serves as a nursery for numerous game fish species, such as grouper, snapper, cobia, tarpon and redfish. 2-Hour Guided Segway Tour of Huntington Beach State Park in Myrtle Beach. These reptiles’ large population isn’t problematic anymore, as they are becoming an attraction on Florida’s roadways. " Then there are the delays caused by unexpected events, including frequent . Wildlife officials say a nuisance alligator trapper was called and removed the 10. 4 meters) long and weighed 654. When Is Alligator Alley Open?. Some projections on Alligator Alley show the current $2. Alligator Alley is defiantly the easiest by far. #38 of 441 Boat Tours & Water Sports in Miami. The spot is located in Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet. Beyond that, it has bone and fish meal, corn, dried animal blood cells and a few bad kids thrown in there for flavor (just kidding!). Total Traffic Miami on Twitter: "Breaking: Alligator Alley / I. The Tamiami Trail was the original Alligator Alley. 8 Things To Know Before Driving Alligator Alley In Florida. Girl, 9, Killed, 8 Injured In Alligator Alley Crash. Yesterday on Alligator Alley. I-75 (Alligator Alley) is in the process of being closed because of a wildfire in the area of the 41 mile marker. 6 km²) of water, Lake Marion is an excellent place for many recreational opportunities. I-75, I-95, Florida’s Turnpike and other major Florida highways are open, along with. A lady jogger was killed by one a few years ago. While alligators of 10 feet can have as much as 1,800 pounds of bite, alligators can grow to a maximum length of 14 feet. Please note, these entrances are not interconnected. BROWARD COUNTY, FL (BocaNewsNow. The name "Alligator Alley" was given by the American Automobile Association while it was being planned as they believed it would be useless to cars and merely an "alley for alligators". I was able to sign up easily for the basic rider course, and the instructors were able to accommodate my hectic schedule. Several fires have broken out in four Southwestern Florida counties. 30 reviews of Alligator Alley "I've had this fascination with reptiles ever since I was a kid. Several years ago, I took alligator alley express, but I can not seem to find a good website for them. Getting to Alligator Alley is not difficult if you have a map and someone to help navigate. In 1937, a barge captain pulled a 4-foot, 8-inch alligator out of the East River by lassoing the animal around its “wildly waving forefeet,” reported The New York. We apologize for any inconvenience!. The Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland has recently reopened the Alligator Alley trail, which had been closed due to damage caused by Hurricane Nicole. For the fourth night in a row, Alligator Alley was shut down by authorities Saturday because of heavy smoke from a massive brush fire in the Big Cypress National Preserve. Using the net above, test your balancing skills to walk across floating swamp animals without falling into the water before getting across to the other side. 35 in Hiking [+] 5 in Trail Running. (AP) — A portion of Interstate 75 that’s also known as Alligator Alley remains shut down today due to smoky conditions from a wildfire that is burning in southwest Florida, the. com//traffic-alert-alligator-alley-is SHARE with your friends commuting there wfla. Map and list of Alligator Alley traffic camera locations. An American croc is larger than an alligator by about 4 to 6 feet on average. I think you will easily make up the additional time taking this route versus taking back/smaller roads. Smoke from a wildfire in Big Cypress National Preserve has prompted closure of a major interstate highway connecting the east and west coasts of Florida. 36K views, 135 likes, 8 loves, 70 comments, 211 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from WPLG Local 10: ALLIGATOR ALLEY SHUT DOWN - We're LIVE in western Broward County where a motor home has caught fire. Note: Because of COVID, most Native American venues are closed. — Alligator Alley has reopened. And, as we learn shortly afterwards, the two are DOJ employees themselves – they are FBI agents, and thus not too concerned about being suspected or caught. The alligators and all the other attractions were in small tanks. If you’re looking for a pet store that offers quality products and services, Petland is the place to go. Spoiled living in SW Florida where our rest stops include great choices of vendor machines, maps, pertinent information and nice open space. the gator was then "humanely killed. LAUDERDALE (CBS4) - Alligator Alley has been re-opened to traffic after being closed much of the morning due to dense fog which made it impossible for drivers to see the highway. It’s possible that Allegiant’s phone number is experiencing a high volume of calls due to customers trying to purchase tickets for a particular flight or airline. (MORE: 14-Year-Long Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak is . awareness of alligator behavior may save your life. Fire is now extinguished NB lanes closed in the area. — Alligator Alley still closed. Alligators also typically have black or dark green skin with white bellies, while crocodiles can range from brown to yellowish green in color. Key Points: “Alligator Alley” is a section of Interstate 75 running through the Everglades of Florida. Data include available gas and food services nearby. We can hunt alligator all day long in private land so after you book your hunt, you can request a time that works best for you and your party. This option is good for someone who doesn’t want to hike the Alligator Alley Trail. The Guest shared a video of a live alligator at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort, along with the caption: You can see the video below or by clicking here. WEATHER UPDATE Due to the weather and the amount of rain we have received, we will be closed until September 2, 2021. After the hard-shelled eggs are laid, the mother alligator will cover them with more mud, sticks and plants and wait for their arrival during their 65-day. Once the alligator presentation is over, you and your party can pose for a picture with a baby alligator and take home the photo as a keepsake. Alligators and Crocodiles Have Different Snouts. Alligator Alley Still Closed. The crash is near mile marker 91 on Alligator Alley. After a breath taking view, continue your adventure with a nature walk on the elevated boardwalk and see. Purchasing a new home is exciting, but it’s also an involved process that can take plenty of time, paperwork and money. NAPLES | Alligator Alley is closed again today because of extreme fog and smoke conditions. There’s a proposal to change an emergency exit off. However, if you happen to be into having some good beers, some barbecue, even a rack of gator ribs (the only place in Florida that I know of that has them), a Po Boy or other great sandwich, and enjoy good jazz jam sessions you'll have found a …. Start your self-guided tour adventure with a walk to the elevated viewing platform, where you can see over 600 alligators now from hatchlings to mature adults, relaxing, sunbathing, courting and nesting. Check availability View full product details coldwaterconch. With webbed feet and a powerful tail, alligators glide through the water with ease. com, if you have more questions about celebrating a birthday or planning a field trip. The man, who was 60 years old, lost control of the car he was driving. 1 + 1 = ? I 75 Alligator Alley Live traffic coverage with maps and news updates - Interstate 75 Florida Near Alligator Alley. 8 mile marker due to a tractor trailer fire. 31 on Tripadvisor among 49 attractions in Wisconsin Dells. Even as you’re wrapping up the transactions during the closing stage, there are associated costs. ET: This article has been updated to include a. A hunting season for American alligator is established in five Alligator Management Areas (AMAs) in Alabama in accordance with Sections 9-11-300, 301, Code of Alabama 1975. -- A New Jersey park is closed and a search is underway after an alligator was spotted in a lake in Middlesex County at least half a dozen times since Friday. photo by Alex RendonThe Alligator Alley Allstars played the bar's send-off party on Friday night. Alligator Alley to close overnight for ">Portion of eastbound Alligator Alley to close overnight for. 660 post-template-default,single,single-post,postid-660,single-format-standard,ajax_fade,page_not_loaded,,select-child-theme-ver-1. The legendary Alligator Alley is one of Florida's signature road trips, and those who've ever driven to Miami will likely have experienced some of it The route showcases some of the state's glorious scenery with no lack of photography-worthy spots along the way and is an all-round adventure for travelers who can't deny themselves a …. It is by far the most significant rest and recreation area on the. Alligator Alley is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Two trails have been temporarily closed at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland. Alligator Alley is a scenic roadway which passes through most of the Everglades, providing a link between Florida’s Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts. Aligator Alley is a 3,162 ft moderately popular black diamond singletrack trail located near Sunrise Florida. With locations all over the country, you’re sure to find one close to you. You can see that these alligators are well-fed and well taken care of. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the semi was hauling a flatbed full of wood east on Alligator Alley around 5 a. Once the females have mated several times for the season, they begin to build a nest from mud, plants and sticks to lay their eggs. Alligator Alley closed; 3 held after dogs alert to explosive. Alligator Alley: Directed by Griff Furst. 13K views, 36 likes, 0 loves, 12 comments, 29 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from WINK News: ALLIGATOR ALLEY: Interstate 75 traffic has begun to move again after a serious crash caused a roadblock. When it was just a two-lane highway, Alligator Alley was nearly as dangerous as it. -- A portion of highway known as Alligator Alley remains shut down Wednesday due to smoky conditions from a wildfire that is burning in southwest. He came back with a today!!! We saw 26 different gators on the loop ride and saw another . 9:38 PM EDT, Mon March 21, 2022. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Well, that’s because it is! Stretching West to East across the Southern tip of the state, Alligator Alley is a South Florida rite of passage. August 10, 2022 This is the scene in the area of Mile Marker 67 on Alligator Alley. For the latest news, weather, sports, and streaming video. Alert: Westbound Alligator Alley Completely Shut Due to Fatal Crash. There are better places to fish along Alligator Alley, but the fishing area at Mile Marker 38. Each of the three entrances and the …. Answer 1 of 3: I am trying to get from Fort Lauderdale to Naples for a reasonable cost. If it is hot, they are busy eating and we are busy feeding. Alligator Alley, located at 19950 County Highway 71 in Summerdale, is open seven days a week from 10 a. Can we pay cash at toll and does it accept bills or only coins? Man toll booth? Cash lane is on which side (right or left)?. It's a two lane road carved out of the mud and and also the canals closed to the spillways from Lake O. Alligator Alley is not necessarily an easy place to work (there are always cages to be cleaned), and starting pay is close to minimum wage, but for someone who enjoys working with reptiles, it can be more rewarding than most part-time jobs. A trapper TV20 spoke to in July after a similar incident says he pulled a nine-foot alligator out of the spring this evening. A car is needed at the Everglades because distances are long and there is no public transportation that travels within the park. You could feed them for about $4 for 6 small pieces of meat. We hope that everyone has a safe and fun Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones! Alligator Alley - We are closed today and tomorrow for the. It also can provide good experience for a student interested in pursuing a career in the biological sciences. Alligator: Directed by Lewis Teague. The key to a career with alligators, Moore explains, is to work slowly and methodically. why did the alligator cross the road? A pathway in a South Carolina state park lived up to its "Alligator Alley" nickname as multiple gators stepped out from the woodwork to cross the walkway. Rain, lightning, drought and heavy smoke combined to shut down Alligator Alley, South Florida’s east-west l…. An 85-year-old woman was killed in an alligator attack Monday as she was walking her dog in Florida, authorities said. According to Newsweek, it is estimated that there are around 1. Learn about the difference between the two and the fascinating history of the Tamiami Trail! Skip to primary navigation; Between 1982-1992 the four-lane highway that we know as Alligator Alley today was rebuilt with safer road construction and fencing for wildlife, along with bridges to. Alligator Alley is open daily sunrise to sunset for self-guided exploration, photo opportunities and feeding experiences. Over Memorial Day weekend, three large alligators caused a stir after they were spotted at the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge. This trail leads you through an oak canopy to a long boardwalk that gives you a feeling of 'walking on water . Florida's Alligator Alley reopens during fire. The agency also reports that Florida’s population of alligators has increased by nearly 50. This includes the following FDOT …. Tall Grass, Dragonflies/Butterflies, Walkway from the Alligator Trail is closed today! storm doddy. It will be quite some time before you will get roadside assistance. The Alligator Alley stretch of Interstate 75 is now open in both directions, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. FHP decided Monday not to open the road connecting Broward and Collier counties. Home; As you may know, we are closed for a few days during the winter months as our alligators aren’t as active when the temperature drops below a certain point. This trail is situated on the …. I heard there was going to be huge surges and I …. American alligators are large crocodilians found only in the United States. $22 for those with a Florida Resident Persons with Disabilities Hunting and Fishing License. per group (up to 4) Large Airboat Swamp Tour with New Orleans Pick Up. Where else could you munch on savory gator ribs, sip on a crisp microbrew, and listen to funky New Orleans zydeco all. It is a vital link between the east and west coasts, providing an alternative. Due to the weather Alligator Alley will be closed the rest of the day. Another fun activity is the ability to hold a baby alligator. Here’s a look at all the Petland locations near you. 25 million alligators are living with them. — Eastbound traffic on Alligator Alley near SR-29 will be detoured overnight Thursday into Friday morning for ongoing bridge repairs. 41 in south Naples; two others …. Avery and Evan visit the National Wildlife Refuge—home to HUMONGOUS ALLIGATORS!—”stacked like cordwood!” When the kids overhear rumors of “gator poaching,” they are determined to help. First, this is the most reserved of the fishing locations along Alligator Alley. (Image credit: David Arbor, courtesy of U. Mid-Bay Bridge and Spence Parkway in …. Not to mention, we’re located only minutes from the beautiful Gulf Coast beaches. Alligator alley is a place to see over 450 alligators from hatchlings to mature adults. Can accommodate up to 150 people. Admission costs range from $15 for adults to $13 for children. Polk County’s Parks and Natural Resources Division closed the trail in early. However, it is advisable to check the weather conditions beforehand, as heavy rainfall can sometimes lead to temporary road closures. The five AMAs are in portions of Baldwin, Mobile, Washington, Clarke, Monroe, Barbour, Coffee, Covington, Dale, Geneva, Henry, Houston, Russell, Dallas, and Wilcox counties. Alligator Alley Incident today. Ochopee Freeport Other Routes Gas Stations Latest Accident and Construction Reports Around Alligator Alley FL Watercolor Blvd E Road is closed from Western Lake Dr to Silver Laurel Way. 2 + 2 = ? I 75 Alligator Alley Status, Road Closure with live updates from the DOT - Interstate 75 Florida Near Alligator Alley. Alligator Alley is a 1 mile white singletrack trail located near Lakeland Florida. March 8, 2017 / 11:59 AM / CBS/AP. Typically, the average alligator’s lifespan is 50 years; however, the oldest on record is in its early 70s. Additionally, several extinct species of alligator are known from fossil remains. 3 million alligators in Florida. When they reopen, the Miccosukee Village west of Miami offers fascinating insight into the history and way of life of the Everglades tribes. Alligators have between 74 and 80 teeth in their mouth at a time. According to Florida Highway Patrol all northbound traffic is being routed off at the State Road 29. Before completing its re-engineering, Alligator Alley signed . Growing up, our favorite babysitter was a punk rock skater guy who collected reptiles and even supplied one of the better reptile specialty stores in the area with unsuspecting wild caught desert animals. MIAMI (CBSMiami) - A shooting on Alligator Alley in West Broward has completely blocked the roadway in both directions at mile marker 37 on Saturday afternoon. ” Before going to the exhibit, the gators went through a 30-day quarantine period after. Alligator Alley is the fastest way to Miami from Tampa, Sarasota, Punta Gorda and points south. Alligator Alley is a popular way to get to Miami Beachfor tourists, spring breakers, and even locals. The park's owners announced they will not be reopening due to pandemic-related struggles. The trail, which runs along the western shore of Lake Hancock, had been closed following Hurricane Nicole last month. 9:19 PM EST, Thu December 30, 2021. Second, the 200 yards of fishing access offered some extra thick vegetation that should hold some of the larger fish. 201 International Pkwy Sunrise, FL 33325. The Florida Highway Patrol is in the process of closing I75 (Alligator Alley) from mile marker 101 (County Road 951) in Collier County to mile marker 23 (US. H-D Certified™ pre-owned motorcycles can only be found at Harley-Davidson dealers, giving you the confidence in buying a used Harley-Davidson. Road Closed: Road Closure For Crane - Pwrp2023005620 - Po4: 09/05/23 08:30 AM: 09/05/23 04:00 PM: 4: Lake Hughes Rd, Dry Gulch Rd to Pine Canyon Rd Castaic,Lake Hughes Road Closed: Road Closed Due To Mud And Debris. The "turtle pond" only had one large turtle on the log, but a baby four foot alligator was watching the turtle closely! Maybe the other turtles were hiding. The typical workday hours run like most any other job, 8-5, but during the winter our schedule is much more lenient. Don't forget to grab some gator gear on . Stories About Alligator Alley. As was suggested take US-41, the Tamiami Trail. South Carolina has been home to more than 100,000 alligators. Alligator walking along Florida highway spotted by the FHP | wtsp. The Alligator Alley segment (from Naples to just west of Fort Lauderdale) previously existed as a two-lane tollway connecting the two coasts of Florida. Wednesday morning crash on westbound Alligator Alley closes …. %% Westbound traffic, on the left of the image, is not moving on Alligator Alley near Snake . The nine-mile segment is the only section of Alligator Alley without wildlife exclusionary fencing. 4 meters) long and weigh nearly half a ton (1,000 lbs. If it is cold, their appetite slows down and so do we. For TODAY, NBC’s Kerry Sanders reveals the new lengths Bass Pro Shops are going to, to get customers in their doors. 1948 Division Street, Summerdale, AL 36580. No description for Aligator Alley trail has been added yet! Submit one here. 20 mins the handler also gives educational info concerning alligators. See dealer for complete details. The incident occurred just after noon, when Gloria Serge. The original state bond issued was paid off in 1984, years ahead of its planned date of 1991. FHP says they were diverting southbound I-75 (Alligator Alley) traffic at Exit 80 (State Road 29) to assist with the road. Tolls on some roads, including Alligator Alley, were suspended in advance of Ian approaching Florida. There's an old saying that you should never taunt the alligator until you've crossed the creek. FHP is closing the eastbound lanes of Alligator Alley at mile. Alligator Alley is a Bluegrass band out of the south Florida area. — Eastbound traffic on Alligator Alley near SR-29 will be detoured overnight Thursday into Friday. With Michael Baird, Nicoye Banks, Christopher Berry, Amy Brassette. Hold on for dear life as you attempt to walk across alligators (not real of course). A congregation refers to a group of alligators, where the smaller alligators are compliant to the biggest, most dominant alligator. Troopers have shut down all westbound lanes while they continue to investigate and are urging travelers to seek alternate routes. Hawthorne School District: Closed through spring break. “Mistakes with alligators can have permanent consequences,” he says. A brush fire broke out in the Everglades Monday morning that burned thousands of acres of land, the Everglades Florida Forest Service said. Have a good cup of coffee, full gas tank and a cell. A toll section of the interstate, known as Alligator Alley, was shut down for about 20 miles, the Florida Highway Patrol said. A manager with Polk County’s Parks and Natural Resources department said the trail had been blocked by fallen trees. 11 The Estimated Alligator Population In Florida Is Around One Million. Pick A Location On Alligator Alley For Weather. The one in Summerdale isn't free, but it's worth every penny! If you don't see gators, you are blind! Too much fun. (Kyle Phillips / The Transcript) Andy Alligator’s Fun Park and Water Park will close permanently after. Alligator Alley Closed: Serious Crash, Overturned Car. Their eyes, ears, and nostrils are placed on top of their long head and project slightly above the water …. There is shade and fans so although it was really hot (July) it was bearable. The victim's body was found being guarded by the alligator and was later recovered. The highway used to be a two-lane tollway connecting the two coasts, but was closed in the 1960s for the construction of the Florida Turnpike. Alligator Alley is becoming nearly as deadly as the days when it was a desolate two-lane road. West of Toll Plaza (Alligator Alley) District 4 - North/South; Facility Number: 40490 North/South: Interstate Number: 75: Prior Exit Number: 23 N/49 S: Mile Marker: 34: Facility Type: Rest Area: Family Restrooms: Yes: Nighttime Security: Yes: Contact Info: 1-239-234-6500: Latitude/Longitude: 26. Business, Economics, and Finance. We get questions all the time from visitors about our alligator’s names, characteristics, facts and more. A few minutes later, we saw an even larger alligator casually swimming down the waterway. Are you looking to open your own restaurant but don’t want to start from scratch? One option worth considering is leasing a closed restaurant. We later discover that visitors earlier this week had bèn walking along the path when they came upon an alligator sunning along the path. The crash shut down Alligator Alley in both directions near the Broward County rest stop for about six hours. The early 1900s were a weird time. Wes Moore, the owner of Alligator Alley, founded the alligator farm in 2004 to rescue alligators from unsafe environments. Hit-and-run driver flees early morning crash. In fact, they are so common that they have their own name: alligator alley. mississippiensis) and the Chinese alligator (A. WEAR, ABC 3 is the ABC affiliate for Northwest Florida and South Alabama that provides local news, weather forecasts, traffic updates, notices of events and items of. 1 weather alerts 1 closings/delays. The blaze, dubbed the Deep Fire, was sparked by a lightning strike on …. We carry the largest selection of new and pre-owned motorcycles. During the "feeding", which lasts approx. Officials say a man and a woman who are believed to be in their 60s were shot while inside their. — Southbound lanes of Alligator Alley in Ochopee were closed for around one hour Wednesday following a vehicle fire. Eastbound traffic on Alligator Alley near SR-29 will be detoured overnight Thursday into Friday morning for ongoing bridge repairs. With the establishment of Everglades alligator farms the demand for alligator skin was satisfied taking away the monetary incentive for poaching. 410 views, 3 likes, 0 loves, 0 comments, 2 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Briana Fernandez: If you’re traveling down Alligator Alley, heads up: Florida Highway Patrol closed the EB lanes at. Formed by veterans of the Florida Bluegrass circuit, the band has the experience of a veteran band with the fresh new sound of different styles coming together with a […]. Alligator Alley, is open and will be used as an. The Michigan Department of Transportation has announced parts of I. Alligator Alley Loop: 623 Reviews, Map. Where Is Alligator Alley Florida?. Mills Construction Company, it had been called the …. An Alligator Alley Mile Marker 35 freshwater fishing adventure for largemouth bass is a must-experience activity when traveling to South Florida. With so many different locations and services available, it can be difficult to know where to start. Friday-Saturday 11:00-6:00 Sunday--Closed. And there have only been 23 fatalities between 1948 and 2016. so sad, my prayer goes out to there family. com) (Copyright © 2023 MetroDesk …. “Victor Crowell Park will be closed to the public for a minimum of 72 hours or until such time that the alligator is deemed to no longer be a threat,” Middlesex Borough Police Chief Matthew Geist said Monday afternoon. One reason for the long closure was because they were looking for the drivers of the two cars that were involved. Forest Service) Oklahomans came face-to-face with popsicle-like alligators. The trail was closed for safety reasons and isn’t expected to reopen for at least three months, time for the young gators to hatch and begin growing, Polk County. Use of road signs, highway markers, agency insignia or other logos does not imply any affiliation or endorsement. Alligator alley is a stretch of i-75 that spans 80 miles. Alligators become more active with the warmer weather and their mating season runs from April until as late as June. However, just note that it is quite dark out there since there is no "city life" close-by, the rest-stops are not frequent (bathrooms and gas stations) and it is not heavily traveled very late at night (mostly because there is nothing out there). No description for Alligator Alley trail has been added yet! Submit one here. The alligator's snout is wider, more rounded, and shaped like a U. Houston's top prostitution hot spots. The two-day farewell party begins tomorrow night with Alley staple Albert Castiglia; Jeff. The highway spans approximately 80 miles across the state and is designated as Interstate 75. Traffic is running along a portion of Interstate 75 known as Alligator Alley after it was briefly closed due to heavy smoke from a brush fire. Florida Highway Patrol officials say Alligator Alley may be open for part of today. Traffic was slowed as noon approached. Alligator Alley: A Joe DeMarco Thriller. Going at night makes a certain amount of sense in that you'll miss the heavy daytime traffic around the airport. Everything was all enclosed, in order to feed the alligators, you put the food in a tube at the top of …. Alligator Alley Reopens as Everglades Brush Fire Smoke Clears. Following Hurricane Ian, The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) suspended toll collections on certain toll roads – including Alligator Alley - to support early evacuation and emergency response preparations. Alligator Alley (also known as Everglades Parkway) is a section of Interstate 75 and State Road 84 extending from Naples on the west coast of Florida to Weston on the east. A deadly 3-vehicle crash on Alligator Alley at mile marker 64 has closed the westbound lanes. Trapping and killing: It’s a third-degree felony under Florida law to kill or injure an alligator. It's open every day, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 39 min to complete. Seek Alternate! @FHPSWFL @FHPPalmBeach". We're just waiting for you to bite! Sign up to receive our e-newslet ter and stay up to date on everything happening at Alligator Alley. Why Is Altegra Health Calling Me?. Before the "feeding area", they have different enclosures housing alligators in different stages of their life: hatchlings, 1 - 3 y/o. Emergency radio traffic monitored by BocaNewsNow. 2 shot in car along Alligator Alley. Alligators clamp down with powerful jaws, then twist and roll. So, we decided to share a few of our most popular alligator’s profiles with our loyal and curious followers. Mary, Stan, and the rest of the instructors were amazing. Pods stay together, protecting one another from predators. By Steve Wiltfong Nov 1st, 7:44 AMajgator1956 Nov 1st, 10:52 PM. Alligator Alley might be further away, but a straight shot on a highway across the state without worries about low town speed limits (and speed traps). More than a dozen auto theft units from the Broward Sheriff’s Office and Florida Highway Patrol raced to the highway to intercept the vehicles. Check out the current traffic and highway conditions on I-75 N Alligator Alley @ MM-98 in Naples, FL. One of the main differences between alligators and crocodiles is the snout. No wonder the shop and village were empty. ALLIGATOR ALLEY - A death investigation is underway after the body of a woman was found along Alligator Alley Wednesday morning near Mile. In the early 1990s, the highway was re-opened to traffic. A portion of Alligator Alley remained closed early Wednesday due to smoke from a brush fire that is causing reduced visibility. The original Alligator Alley runs across the state from Naples area into Miami. United States ; Alabama (AL) Summerdale ; Summerdale - Things to Do ; Alligator Alley; Search. (WSVN) - Crews are making progress battling a wildfire that sparked earlier this week in the Big Cypress National Preserve and continues to burn north of Alligator Alley. Now considered a “multi-car” incident. Select an exit, travel plaza, toll booth or gantry, or other select locations from the map. Video of “Alligator Alley”: Are gators common in South Carolina?. Tolls are being suspended on the following roadways: Alligator Alley. 29 until noon Daily News staff 0:00 0:22 Drivers headed east on Alligator Alley this morning should expect a detour at State Road 29,. Two people in the Toyota are dead. Earlier today, local police officers responded to the scene. Adults$17 Children 3-12$15 Seniors 65+$15 Children 2 and under- Free Alligator Alley | Summerdale AL. Closed when we went there - Alligator Alley. It was a treat to be able to observe the alligators in a. Both SB lanes are #UPDATE: Traffic is slowly moving again on Alligator Alley at MM 66 after a crash. Interactive Map — Alligator Alley. — A major crash on Alligator Alley, near Mile Marker 72, closed all southbound lanes Friday afternoon. NAPLES (CBSMiami) — Traffic is moving quickly again on Alligator Alley after a portion was …. We stopped here feeling kinda bummed because it was Easter Sunday and we were traveling home from Florida to DC. Re: is Alligator Alley highway a cashless toll road? It's a $3. A fire station in the middle of Alligator Alley is at risk of being shut down. Florida Highway Patrol said Wednesday morning that I-75 (Alligator Alley) is closed from Golden Gate Parkway (exit 105) to State Road 29 (exit 80). It’s a good size but not too big- total time there was about 2 hours. Most of the road is in the everglades and when the road was being built people said cars would never be able to drive on it, it wold be an “alligator alley”. The Alligator Alley trail is now open at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland. This is a popular trail for hiking, mountain biking, and running, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day. The $2 million project, which wrapped up last week. both of which continue to play important roles in protecting wildlife and their habitats today. Accidents involving carelessness, high speeds, and rollovers are killing more people than the horrific head-on collisions that gave the old Alley its bad reputation. Chris Gothner Chris Gothner joined the Local 10 News team in 2022 as a Digital Journalist. 41 remains closed because of smoky conditions. We apologize for any inconvenience. ALLIGATOR ALLEY MAY REOPEN TODAY, STILL CLOSED AT …. “I just can’t get over that this happened to him,” said Jon Olsen, Laughlin’s. Part of Alligator Alley still closed. (AP) — Traffic is running along a portion of Interstate 75 known as Alligator Alley after it was briefly closed due to heavy smoke from a brush fire. Alligator Alley Adventures, Wisconsin Dells: See 199 reviews, articles, and 73 photos of Alligator Alley Adventures, ranked No. Moore said he has about 10 alligators. In general, there are a lot of alligators in Florida. When we arrived today, we took the path to the left of the main building with the intent of circling around through the aligator lane. 7-km circular trail near Highland City, Florida. All of the above makes Alligator Alley an entertaining read. 29 (UPI) --Police in New Jersey announced a public park will remain closed for 72 hours while authorities search for an alligator confirmed to be on the loose in the area. Initially, the island in the middle of Bay Lake was called Treasure Island after Disney’s 1950 film of the same name. Updated on: January 5, 2023 / 5:42 PM EST / CBS Miami. Alligator Point is renowned as a hot spot for both inshore and offshore fishing. "Now, we had a chance to go back in and correct a bunch of mistakes. lane, motor car, semi-trailer truck | 12K views, 38 likes, 7 loves, 41 comments, 41 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from NBC2 News: NB lanes of I-75 are shut down at MM89 after a crash …. Sign in Open full screen to view more This map was created by a user. Write a short note about what you liked, what to order, or other helpful advice for visitors. You are able to throw alligator food to any alligator that looks interested. — The southbound lanes of Interstate 75 at mile marker 85 are currently blocked due to an injury crash, according to Florida Highway Patrol. NOW PLAYING ABOVE It's called Alligator Alley for a reason. Alligator Alley has plenty of wildlife to explore and plenty of spots to cool off in the shade. Good morning! We will be closed today and tomorrow and open again this Saturday, 11/13. Where There's Smoke There'sa Closed Interstate Highway Known as. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. Alligator Alley, a portion of Interstate 75 in southwest Florida, was. (FDACS) estimates that the number of gator sightings in Florida has been on the rise over the past few years. — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis has held two briefings on Hurricane Ian at the State Emergency Operations Center and delivered remarks while meeting with linemen in North Central Florida. Forest Service announced on Monday that Alexander Springs’ swim area in the Ocala National Forest would be closed as authorities deal with a nesting alligator. Glendale Police have not confirmed that an alligator was placed in the Arrowhead Lakes community, north of the Loop 101, but they were told the gator was being dumped out of a 10-gallon aquarium. We are talking about the OG alligator alley aka the Tamiami Trail. 39pm) at Wolverhampton on Sunday, live on Sky Sports Racing; Lady Percival seeks a. The Ledger Alligator Alley reopens at Circle B, last of the trails still closed for mating season Lakeland Ledger Sat, October 14, 2023, 12:00 PM EDT · 1 min read 0 …. Alligator Alley Chatroom Fort Lauderdale Naples Conservation Immokalee Ochopee Freeport Other Routes Gas Stations Latest Accident and Construction Reports Around …. The course was systematic and worked on building …. 554 Reviews #1 of 6 things to do in Summerdale. 00 for cash transactions and $2. This does not happen in crocodiles. To take part in the statewide alligator harvest, you’ll need an alligator trapping license, a statewide alligator harvest permit and two alligator hide validation CITES tags. Florida Requests President Biden Approve 100 Percent Federal Cost Share for Hurricane Ian for 60 Days. They spotted the Land Rover speeding on the shoulder of Interstate 75, in the portion called Alligator Alley, through the Everglades. "People are kind of in a hurry, they done-been detoured," he said as Little LeRoy, a 4-foot 3-inch, 8-year-old alligator stretched across his lap, snout pointed …. A huge alligator blocked off a highway in Florida known as 'Alligator Alley" on Monday. Exiting the airport WITHOUT paying a cashless toll is very tricky. Full service dealership with huge selection of new and used motorcycles, clothing and parts departmen. We decided to close Gator World and move the animals to the owner’s farm so that we can save money on feed andfertilizer. Swing by Alligator Alley Harley-Davidson for a FREE Father's Day gift with a purchase of $50 or more. They are more aggressive during mating season so there are things you need to remember in case you may encounter an alligator. Mile Marker 35 is truly unique because of all it has to offer. Gator Patch Pallet (36 pails) $2,400. A dispatcher with the Florida Highway Patrol confirmed this afternoon Alligator Alley in Florida, which connects the east coast and west . 155 reviews of Alligator Alley "The reveiw below is for the Allligator Alley in Summerdale. The alligator has a rapid transition in size from the belly to the flank. Wildlife officials say the remains of the 1-year-old male panther were …. Alligator Alley is a formally recognized name for the southernmost extent of Interstate 75, where it runs west/east from the Naples/Fort Myers conurbation to Fort Lauderdale/Miami. It is not clear whether the alligator killed the snake or found the serpent when it was already dead. — A portion of Interstate 75 that's also known as Alligator Alley remains shut down Wednesday due to smoky conditions from a wildfire that is burning in southwest Florida, the. Tolls are suspended in Tampa Bay, Alligator Alley, and portions …. Alligator Alley is reopened in both directions after accidents shut down the highway Monday night in Collier County, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. Highway 64 was closed in both directions in Tyrell County, slowing the Friday afternoon trip to the Outer Banks. 5-foot gator from the property. The suggested detour added about 80 miles to the trip. In all this year, 23 Florida panthers have been killed on Florida highways. Alligator Soul is known for eclectic Southern dining with a seasonal menu that utilizes farm-fresh ingredients, local day boat fish and grass fed meat. A long stretch of Interstate 75 closed since Wednesday evening because of heavy smoke billowing from a fire in the Big Cypress National Preserve will likely be reopened Thursday, a park spokesman said. "The following road closures will begin at 12:00 AM midnight Tuesday night (tonight) in Collier and Broward Counties due to extreme smoke and fog conditions expected between 2 AM and 6 AM: (1) I-75 Eastbound at SR 951 (Exit 101). 78 Traffic was shut down in both directions as rescue crews airlifted the patient. Alligator Alley, Summerdale, Alabama. The gator measured 14 feet, 3 1/2 inches (4. The Alley, which is I-75 stretches from Naples in Collier county to Broward County. Alligator Alley in Florida is a stretch of I-75 that spans 80 miles. As they wear down, they are replaced. Alligator Alley "Alligator Alley. April 2, 2013 · TRAFFIC ALERT: Alligator Alley closed near County Road 591: http://www. Everglades District “Mile Marker 38” incident update. As a result, the alligators were sold to a private estate in Florida. Live Watch The shooting caused both directions of the highway to be closed in the area during the investigation, WPLG reported. There is also a 10-day extended forecast, and you may view weather cameras, where available. Reviewed March 27, 2016 via mobile. No need to thank us for the hard work that went into interviewing our alligators individually. With Alligator Alley, you’ll experience the finest. We were planning a trip to Charleston, but it was pouring rain ALL DAY! We wandered around and found "ALLIGATOR ALLEY" and saw 4 alligators, despite the cool (71 degree), cloudy, …. Topic Stats: 7 Posts, 4,170 Views, 7. Male alligators reach an average length of between 12 and 13 feet and can weigh up to 1000 pounds. 81K views, 702 likes, 26 loves, 266 comments, 215 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from WINK News: #UPDATE: Traffic is slowly moving again on Alligator Alley at MM 66 after a crash. Alligator Alley, home to the best combination of food, beer, and music in Broward County, is shutting its doors for good after this weekend. Gorman Joint School District: Closed through March 27. Part of Alligator Alley, one of two routes crossing the Florida Everglades, was closed when smoke from a 3,000-acre brush fire cut visibility to zero. Alligator Alley, also known as the Everglades Parkway, is a highway that runs east-west across southern Florida. On average, it takes approximately 1. One dead in major Alligator Alley crash. While this is scenic and all, the. The community’s protected bay, Alligator Harbor Aquatic Preserve, encompasses a whopping 14,366 acres. Take Shady Oak to Alligator Alley to Heron Hideout. Southwest Gulf Coast Tourism Southwest Gulf Coast Hotels Bed and Breakfast Southwest Gulf Coast Southwest Gulf Coast Holiday Rentals Southwest Gulf Coast Holiday Packages. To top it off, the driver of the boat managed to get us all soaked on the way back and blaming it on the weather. (AP) – The Florida Highway Patrol says a portion of Interstate 75 that’s also known as Alligator Alley is shut down due to smoky conditions from a wildfire. Even though the park is closed on Mondays, the trails are still open. Get directions, reviews and information for Alligator Alley Express in Naples, FL. 3 miElevation gain 9 ftRoute type Loop. Alligator Alley Florida is a famous toll road that connects Miami to Naples. An alligator can go through 3,000 teeth in a lifetime. According to the Florida Highwa…. to get trip updates and message other travellers. Press alt + / to open this menu. On average it takes 6 minutes to complete this trail. Just for the latest: 2:30 PM EST - The News is reporting that no explosives have been found so far but Alligator Alley is still closed for a 20 mile stretch. Take a look at what our visitors have to say. A crash on Alligator Alley at MM 65 in Collier County left one teen dead and two others seriously injured. Emergency vehicles responded to the scene in Collier County on Interstate 75 north, before Mile Marker 61. An 8-year agreement to provide fire rescue services along the 30 mile stretch of Alligator Alley. The crash happened shortly before 9:30 a. With it’s comparatively diminutive 19 square miles, Orange Lake is an. ALLIGATOR ALLEY: Interstate 75 traffic has begun to move. This should be shut down its was distressing and disturbing and clearly animal abuse as well as financial rip off. With crocodile skin, the size decreases more gradually towards the flanks. Hacienda La Puente Unified School District: Closed through April 10. Seek Alternate! @FHPSWFL @FHPPalmBeach. Tag: Alligator Alley · Portion of eastbound Alligator Alley to close overnight for bridge repairs · Victim identified in deadly high-speed crash on Alligator . It cuts through the Everglades between Naples and Fort Lauderdale. Uncle Buck's FishBowl & Grill owned by Bass Pro Shops, featuring 12 restaurant locations serving lunch & dinner favorites, bowling, parties and billiards. 11,680 likes · 435 talking about this · 894 were here. They can grow to be more than 12 feet (3. We arrived around 5:30 pm to the Boardwalk, and walked a short distance when we saw the first large (8-9 foot) alligator cruising through the water. Hunting Buffalo in Florida is a great activity. Tolls are being suspended on the following roadways: …. Offering a full line of reptiles and unusual pets plus supplies, custom built cages, books and food for every type of animal sold. WHY DID THE ALLIGATOR CROSS THE ROAD? A pathway in a South Carolina state park lived up to its "Alligator Alley" nickname as multiple gators stepped out from the woodwork to …. Alligator farming has become a lucrative business in the southern United States due to the increasing demand for alliga. Related: Circle B reopens after. Latest reports indicate the fire in Collier County was about 6,600 acres in size and only 10% contained. Visitors to Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet were treated to an up close and personal view of an alligator slowly making its way across a road on Nov. They are not here for photo ops …. I-4 connector, Selmon Expressway and Veretans Expressway in Hillsborough County. Florida alligator found with dead body clamped between its jaws. An alligator gave visitors to Huntington Beach State Park a treat, slowly crossing from one side of road to the other in full view of cameras and phones. All the reptiles are piled into tiny. Then came the boat ride, that lasted 5 minutes (at the most!) to the Indian village, totally fake and surrounded by a pond with 2 alligators trapped in there. The Marsh Rabbit Run Trail is now open at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland. The California Alligator Farm, Where Humans And Gators Played …. And if you don’t catch one on Alligator Alley itself, it may be worth exploring (by car!) some of the surrounding roads. Fight robots, zombies, and dragons or even challenge each other in heart-pounding virtual dance battles. Alexander Springs swim area closed over nesting alligator. 5 million project to replace the bridge and install broadband infrastructure in the region will receive a $110 million federal Multimodal Project Discretionary Grant from the U. We are ready to see you this weekend! We love seeing your photos and videos from y our visits to Alligator Alley! Keep sharing them and tagging us. More Stats for Alligator Alley mountain bike trail trail. " It was located in bushes by a work crew, reports the Miami Herald. It’s also a felony to capture and keep an alligator or its eggs unless you purchase a special. They must overcome their feuds and fight together against the redneck gators. Subscribe today to have Alabama’s. Alligator Alley is a swamp sanctuary with an elevated boardwalk where you can get an up close view hundreds of alligators & wildlife in their natural habitat. Cam Dooley sets Florida visit: Gators hosting 2024 ATH, Missouri decommit for Arkansas game. With so many of these predators roaming around, one might anticipate fatal alligator attacks are a regular occurrence. LOCAL Alligator Alley eastbound lanes closed at S. Read Full Article Why did the California alligator farm shut down? In 1984, the Alligator Farm was closed due to a decline in attendance, with less than 50,000 visitors per year, and the lease was not renewed. A replacement for the 60-year-old Alligator River Bridge on U. #UPDATE: Traffic is slowly moving again on Alligator Alley. Boat Tours & Water Sports, Tours, Outdoor Activities, More. Fort Lauderdale — A man and woman were injured in a double shooting Saturday afternoon that shut down the southbound lanes of Alligator Alley in west Broward for more than an hour. When it was just a two-lane highway, Alligator Alley was nearly as dangerous as it is today. (WCJB) - Swimming areas at Alexander Springs are closing after wildlife experts say two people were bit by alligators at the springs. The Florida Highway Patrol spotted an alligator taking a stroll alongside 'Alligator Alley. He says two people were bit on the head. Females are between 8 and 10 feet and weigh in at 500 to 700 pounds. This is the first deadly alligator attack in the. First opened in 1969, most of the highway traverses the Everglades and has a $2. Ole Alligator Alley Fishing. The sculpture is composed of a life. Watch: An alligator was caught on camera. Circle B Bar Reserve is a 1,267-acre site owned by Polk County and Southwest Florida Water Management District on the northwest shore of Lake Hancock. Automobile drivers started paying $2. According to FHP, a tractor trailer crashed into a Toyota Corolla. Gator Country is at 21159 FM 365, about 17 miles southwest of downtown Beaumont and just north of I-10. — Traffic is moving again in both directions. Welcome to Alligator Alley Harley-Davidson®! We are located at 201 International Pkwy. Also known as Everglades Parkway is a road that goes from Naples on the west coast of Florida to Weston on the east. 1100 6th Ave S Naples FL 34102. The farm was run by “Alligator Joe” Campbell and Francis Earnest, who oversaw the capture, breeding, and exercise of their reptilian residents. The shifting wind forced a brief closure of Alligator Alley between mile marker 80 and mile marker 23 (US-27) in both directions at around 5 p. Don’t forget that these plants prefer partial to full shade. Driving along the alley is perfectly safe. ”According to local media reports, he said he’d never seen so …. A newly built recreation area along I-75(Alligator Alley), located about mile marker35, provides viewing areas of the marshland that makes up Water Conservation Area 3 and …. This is how the road got its name and even though there are. I-75 Alligator Alley, FL in the News. A pet baby alligator is flushed down a toilet and survives in the city sewers. Alligator Alley sells only snakes that are feeding properly, but some dealers--especially flea markets and other quick-buck sellers, will sell freshly imported snakes that have not been acclimated to captivity. Alligators often become territorial and. : Eastbound Alligator Alley closed at …. Use exit markers and travel plaza markers to navigate to that exit's page. Gator seen walking along Florida highway The Florida Highway Patrol spotted an alligator taking a stroll alongside 'Alligator Alley. It has been closed for several days due to a brush fire in the Big Cypress Preserve. Use an alternate route, if possible. Plan Your Stops – Because of the alligators, it is important to stop at designated rest stops …. The Alligator Alley trail remains closed from near. A path through South Carolina’s Huntington Beach State Park lived up to its nickname of “Alligator Alley” recently, as photographer Austin Bond recorded a number of gators crossing the pavement. Los Angeles Public Library Women handling baby alligators at the park. The crash happened around noon and shut down the northbound lanes of the Alligator Alley entrance of Interstate 75 well into late afternoon, diverting all traffic in the area to U. This unique alligator sanctuary is home to over 450 alligators. Florida's Alligator Alley reopens during wildfires. I-75 Alligator Alley, FL DOT Reports. Alligators, like other crocodilians, are large animals with powerful tails that are used both in defense and in swimming. The Union Square Partnership unveiled a new sculpture called “N. While we aren’t open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, we do invite guests to join us on December 21-23 and December 27-31 (closing at noon on December 31). 4 visitors have checked in at alligator alley. Years ago it was an 88 mile straight stretch of 2 lane road with little or no shoulders, no stopping places and occassional cows, alligators, or panthers strolling onto the road causing bad accidents. At Alligator Alley Outfitters you can experience the thrill of hunting North America’s oldest and most dangerous game animal year round, with some of Florida’s top guides in a private game preserve. The cost for this is: $272 for Florida residents. Alligator Alley is fun for all ages. Don't miss a beat! Tolls are being suspended on the following roadways: Alligator Alley portion of I-75 in Broward and Collier Counties. If alligators get larger than four feet in size, they are caught and relocated to an area close to the resort called Gator Alley. It was like a scene out of a horror film, as dozens of alligators gathered around a giant sinkhole lined with vultures. 1990 Views 17 Replies 9 Participants Last post by fourhour, Feb 20, 2007. Which road is Alligator Alley? Florida State Road 84 Alligator Alley (Florida State Road 84) Why is I-75 closed in Michigan? August 27, 2021 at 12:29 p. Alligator Alley likely to reopen today, but smoke remains heavy. It goes between Naples and Fort Lauderdale. Officials said the highway is scheduled for a temporary opening at …. The incident occurred roughly one mile north of I-75 which is Alligator Alley in that area. Old Alligator Alley is home to the smallest post office in the United States.